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Neumond K9 Training

I have been training dogs since 2002, I switched to dogs from horses after a career changing back injury. There was always something so fascinating about the working German Shepherd and I was drawn to find a dog that I could train to high levels. I found my first working German Shepherd and trained him for Schutzhund work. He went on to become an arson detection dog. My second dog Ari showed me the world of AKC obedience and him and I went through our CDX titles. I began breeding German Shepherds in 2009 and have not looked back since. I have had 14 litters of puppies and remain in touch with all of my puppy owners. I have produced puppies who have succeeded in everything from service dogs to schutzhund. 

Schutzhund has been a challenge and a passion for me and in the last 5 years I have titled seven different dogs from a BH to an IPO3, as well as an FH title, and show ratings. I have also continued to trial in the AKC obedience ring, and have titled three different dogs in AKC obedience. I am competitive by nature and love the thrill of competition and pushing myself.

I have in those years trained hundreds of dogs. From an early age I was always in awe of animal behavior and even as a small child would sit and watch animals and pay attention to their actions. This curiosity for animal behavior has spurred me to a life of learning everything I possibly could about animal behavior. This attention to detail has lead me to specialize in behavioral issues in dogs. I truly enjoy helping dogs find peace and confidence. In a world where they are often misunderstood, I strive to show owners a viewpoint that opens doors to communication with their pets.

I have helped countless owners to build a new relationship with their dogs. I have helped them achieve Schutzhund titles, AKC titles, Service dog certifications, AKC Canine Good Citizens, as well as Therapy Dog certifications.

My Philosophy on Dog Training:

Like in any aspect of life, I believe that dog training must find balance to be successful. There must be an equal give and take to the relationship in order for it to grow.  And like all healthy relationships, they need clear and fair boundaries. Dogs especially love knowing what is expected of them and this is best accomplished through a clear understanding of right and wrong. Dog's are very black and white thinkers and need to have information presented to them in such a manner. That is why I believe that the most fair method to train a dog is using balanced training methods. Methods and tools that are custom tailored to each dog, in each scenario. Just as no two human's are alike, neither are any two dogs, and training must account for this.  

Balanced training methods mean that I utilize the dogs natural desires to work through food and toys.

I also strongly believe in marker/clicker training and all owners and dogs are taught this system. Utilizing positive reinforcement to train the dog. I believe this is the only way to create a clear path of communication between yourself and your dog. 

In understanding that each dog is an individual I also recognize that each dog may require different equipment to be successful in their training journey. This may require the use of Electric collars, prong collars, choke chains, gentle leaders, Halti leads and any other variety of equipment that can make your dog training journey more successful. Understanding that these things are simply tools to create a well trained dog. I believe 

Balanced training methods may include the use of corrections for a dog that is knowingly making the incorrect choices in his behavior.  This helps to immediately shut down dangerous behavior and clearly shows the dog what is expected of him in that situation.

Balanced training means that I have a clear understanding of canine behavior and how to utilize a dogs natural drives and behaviors to make training more successful.

I believe, with a few exceptions involving behavior modification, owners are most successful with their dogs when they are directly involved in the training.

I know that dogs learn through clear and fair methods of training and I believe we are here on this earth as good stewards to them. With that comes a responsibility to their care and well-being.  A responsibility I take great pride and seriousness in doing. 

Dog Training Services

Board and Train


Board and train programs give the dog an intensive learning experience. It gives the dog the opportunity to overcome complex problems not easily solved in a household environment. In a board and train program the dog can work on multiple issues, such as obedience, socialization and behavioral issues all at the same time. 

Board and train programs are $50.00 a day. Limited availability for this program

Private Lessons


Want to step up your training? We can help, private lessons may be just the right thing for you. Private lessons give you a one on one session with us. These sessions are usually an hour long. 

We can help you with everything from behavioral issues to obedience issues. We will work together to problem solve and find a solution to help you and your dog find success.

Call us today to schedule your private lesson.

Private lessons are $45.00 each.

Advanced Obedience


Are you bored with the average same old obedience classes? Let us help you achieve your goals with your dog. We have the experience and awards to back our training methods and we have proven results. Don't settle for less than the best. We will show you how to have a relationship with your dog. A relationship that will help you achieve great success. Whether your goal is AKC obedience, Rally or Schutzhund we can help.

Contact us today to schedule your session.

Sessions are $45.00 each. 

Behavioral Evaluations


Is your dog giving you a run for your money? Have some behavior issues that are causing stress? Is he showing aggressive behaviors and embarrassing you? Fearful and shy and giving you trouble when out in public? We can help. Our one on one in home, behavioral evaluation can help get you on the right path. We will spend the one hour time assessing your dogs behavior at your home. We will discuss what issues and problems you and your family are having and give suggestions on a clear solution. We will observe how he is in all situations. Social, aggression, interactions with people, and environmental tests. At the end we will give you our evaluation of how your dog can improve and what steps to take forward.

The one hour behavior evaluation is $100.00

Please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Educational Workshops and Classes

Why Classes?


Are you seeking a better understanding of dogs? Want to know how they really learn and how to teach them? Our workshops are in depth learning experiences. They will help you become the handler your dog wants you to be. 

Our workshops cover topics such as advanced learning concepts and understanding canine behavior. 

Our classes offer you and your canine companion an opportunity to learn together. Join one of our many classes to become a better team and take your training to new heights.

Check out each class and find which one suits you and your dog's needs best. Class descriptions, availability and sign ups are listed individually on this page. .

Drop in Obedience


Drop in obedience is for all levels of dogs to come and get some extra obedience and socializing time done with your dogs. Please be sure to have scheduled a private lesson with Shelby if you are a first timer, or contact Shelby to confirm your dog is stable enough to be in class. This ensures the safety and productivity of our classes.  This obedience class will be held in Bend at Pine Nursery Park. We will have an hour long obedience session and will then go for a pack walk after. Come join the fun! This class will be held every Thursday at 6pm. This is an ongoing class and you are welcome to drop in at any time. Pay as you go. $25 per class. Starts April 25th. 

Follow the link to sign up for this class!

AKC Canine Good Citizen Class and Certification


Come join us for a six-week long course to learn everything you need to know for you and your dog to pass the American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Test. The Canine Good Citizen certificate shows the public that you and your dog have completed a level of training that ensures your dog is good at home and in public. Learning basic obedience commands such as, sit, stay, down and come when called. We will work through all ten steps of the test together, tackling each step one at a time.
At the end of the six-week course we will have a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator test the dogs. Unlike other classes this class will utilize the experience of an outside evaluator to ensure high standards and adherences to the rules of the test. By having a stranger evaluate the dogs we can be sure that our training is solid and able to be demonstrated in public. Giving you a sense of pride and accomplishment in your Canine Good Citizen Award.

Current class is full, however we are accepting sign ups for our next class. Don't miss out, limited to ten entries!

Sign up by following this week!

Dogs in Society


 Dogs in Society is designed to help dog owners reach a better understanding of their canine companions and how they fit within our modern society. This class will teach you how to better read and understand your dog’s behavior as well as how to read the behavior of other dogs you may encounter. This course is very in depth and requires a commitment to both homework and practice.  This will be a fast paced and tough curriculum that requires a dedicated dog and handler team. This class will include two classroom discussion sessions where student interaction and input are critical. Each of these classes will be 2-3 hours in length, depending on discussion topics and participation.  These first two session will be in an indoor classroom setting and note taking is encouraged in conjunction with provided handouts and class materials. Discussion time will follow presentation. These learning objectives will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to be better equipped while out and about with your dog in public settings. 


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